The best thing about camp

I may have only been at camp for 4 weeks but I 100% got the full camp experience!!

There were so many things that were different about being at camp to being at home. From not having any time to yourself in the day other than your one hour break (and even then you’re still usually with people just not the kids) to sleeping in a cabin with up to 9 other people.

The one thing that I loved though was the fact that there was no shame about being open about anything. And I mean ANYTHING.

As I became really ill while I was there i was trying to hide what was going on a little bit at first. However the second day of being ill I just came right out to one of the camp directors and the assistant director about my toilet troubles. After a few days I became more comfortable with everyone else and found out they weer open about everything too.

Everyone knew what someone was going for when they went to the toilet (if it was a 1 or a 2), all the girls knew if someone was on their period (chances are they weren’t alone). If I did that at home I would be worried about getting funny looks or people thinking the worst. And the weird thing about this is – we were all strangers literally a week earlier!!

I found that I became so much more confident because of these people and how open and honest I could be about even the most embarrassing things! It may seem like a small and gross detail but that was one of my favourite things about being at camp.


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