Weekly travel plan (part 1)

I’ve decided that, to make me even more excited than I am already, each week I’m going to post one place that I want to travel to and explore. This could be a place as a whole or just one specific place.

To start it off, this week I’ve decided that my weekly travel plan will be Santorini in Greece.

Why Santorini?

Well, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve been dreaming of going here for ages. I was inspired to go back to Greece after watching Mamma Mia 2, here we go again.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying that this film has inspired them to go on holiday or maybe travelling round Greece. It made me decide that I do want to travel around all of the Greek Islands but one place that I really want to visit is Santorini.

Not only is it beautiful with so much to do, its also really cheap if you’re wanting to stay in a hostel. I have found hostels from as little as £10 per night and the flights are also really cheap.

When I travel around Greece I am going to learn to surf and also go snorkeling. Just the standard things to do when you’re there really.

On a side note, I’ve ordered 2 pairs of dungarees, the movie really did get to me….


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