Cape cod – Massachusetts

Although I didn’t get to travel to many of the places I wanted to, I did stay in such a beautiful area that I can’t no write a blog on it!

My camp was located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Cape Cod is approximately 1 and a half hours south of Boston and is home to many little towns such as Mashpee, Sandwich and Falmouth.
So, what is there to do?

As I wasn’t there for long, I didn’t get to explore everywhere. However, one thing that caught my eye were the beaches! There are so many to choose from and they’re all beautiful. If you get the chance to go and watch a sunset on one of them, I would definitely take it.

I went to the beach pretty much every day in my first week and I got to see quite a few beautiful sunsets. As there was a big group of us, we had each other to keep us entertained so noone got bored.

There are also awesome spots for shopping! As we stayed in Mashpee, we went to the Mashpee commons. Here there are mainly shops that sell local gifts, such as cape cod related clothing and merchandise. There are also so many lovely places to eat here (including a lovely cupcake shop. Sadly I didn’t get to try anything).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much chance to explore other places, but I’d say camp made up for that! Situated on a beautiful lake, it was the perfect place to wake up each day.


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