The illness returns

So, my goal was to make this a travel blog on my time working at an American summer camp and of my travels around America.

I did make it to America, but sadly only for 3 weeks. I became ill (again) in the first week with a bladder infection and then it just went downhill from there. By the end of it I was unable to eat and I was just sleeping all day so, after 4 hospital visits, we mutually decided (the camp and myself) that it was the best option to return home and try again next year.

Although I am absolutely gutted about this, I still managed to have an amazing time in the short time I spent there. I made some amazing friends from all over the world and I now have a plan for after I finish university.

So what’s your plan????

  • When I finish university again I’m March/April of next year, I will work to save up to return to camp.
  • After camp I will return to work again until the beginning of November where I plan to work in Canada for the winter season.
  • I will then return home in April for the month before travelling to Australia and New Zealand to travel and see friends and my brother who will have moved out there by then.
  • I will then return back to camp for the summer of 2020.

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