Since I’ve been preparing to jet off to the States, I’ve realised how much time, money and effort goes in to making this trip happen. I am currently on my way to London to get my visa sorted ready for me to go (in 4 weeks… Eek!!!!).

Starting this process, I never realised how much I would have to do/how much money it would cost to get me there. As it stands, I have paid for:

  • The cost I have the organisation to sort out my flights and placement etc (£499)
  • My visa (£120 plus an extra £20 to get it delivered to my house)
  • Travel to and from orientations or visa appointments (so far around £200)
  • Travel to and from the airport (again, around £200)
  • New clothes, baggage, travel essentials (so far around £150 but I will be spending more)
  • Spending money whilst over there (minimum is $400 but I’m taking around $700)
  • Enough money to cover bills at home, such as phone contract, Spotify etc (around £80 a month for 3 months)
  • 3 month pre paid prescription card so that I can get all of my tablets in the UK and won’t need to worry about getting them in America (£30)

That’s just the start of the list, there will be so many more extra costs as I go along. Although it is extremely expensive, its going to be an adventure that’s going to be so so worth it!

I can’t wait to get over there now and update you on life at camp and my travels after!


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