Health update!!

The last time I went to see my gastro doctor guy he told me about what tests I will be having in the near future. He told me that I would need an Mri scan of the small bowel, a full colonoscopy and some blood tests to see if they have missed anything.

I have since had the mri scan (on Wednesday). I always get really nervous before any test I have done and, even though this wasn’t intrusive, I was still a little shakey beforehand. I’m a little but claustrophobic too so I was worried that I would be too enclosed.

When I got to the hospital I was asked to drink a liter of this horrible drink which would highlight my bowel so that they could get good images. They told me that I may need to rush to the toilet but I wasn’t sure if they meant for a number one or two. Anyway I needed a few wees throughout as I’m not used to drinking that much liquid in one go.

After I had drank all of the solution (over a period of about 40 minutes) I was taken in to the mri screening bit. I then had a cannula inserted so they they could inject me with some dye throughout the scan. The machine wasn’t as bad as I had expected, it wasn’t too enclosed and my head was out of the other end so I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. They placed something on my stomach which is apparently what helps them to get the images.

I had brought a Robbie Williams CD with me so they popped that on through the headphones I had to wear (as it is a really noisy machine). They asked me to breath in and hold my breath quite a few times which I felt difficult as I sometimes had to hold it for 30+ seconds and I’m not good at holding my breath.

They then brought me out to inject me with the dye and then I had to hold my breath just a few more times and then it was all over. It only took about 15/20 minutes all together which was good as I was expecting it to take at least half an hour.

I was then told I was okay to go home, so we began the 40 minute drive home. As soon as we got home I had to run straight to the toilet. I had quite bad diarrhea which I didn’t expect and wasn’t warned about so I phoned up the hospital just to check I hadn’t had a bad reaction to anything. They said it was quite normal to have it for a few hours afterwards as the solution has a laxative effect.

I was fine with this but I just wish they had warned me about this as I had work 4 hours after the scan and no body could cover me. This was quite embarrassing as I had to run to the toilet a few times mid shift.

All in all it was a very peaceful test up until the diarrhea issue. My stomach is still feeling a little unsettled today which I’m not too sure if it’s normal or not? Maybe I just have a weak stomach (which I already knew) or maybe I have had a bad reaction, who knows.

I now have some blood tests next week and a colonoscopy mid march so hopefully I will have some news about what is wrong with me sometime soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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