Body Jam!!

This week I have been really focusing on my health and fitness by trying to eat as clean as possible (not restricting myself, just not binging out on chocolate and sweets like I have been known to do in the past) and by staying active (I have wrote a blog post about this already this week in case you wanted to check it out!).

Even though I had an amazing day of eating yesterday and everything I ate was clean and lean, I ended up looking 6 months pregnant (which has never happened to me this bad before) and being extremely bloated, gassy and uncomfortable with pain in the evening. This has made me realise that something I ate yesterday really didn’t agree with me and I need to find out what this is so that I can avoid it.

Anyway, enough about my horrible body habits and more about what this post is actually about, Body Jam!!

Now this isn’t something that I would normally try on my own, or at all in fact. But my mum keeps suggesting that we try it and the last time she was this persistent about something it was Zumba and we ended up becoming hooked! So tonight we decided to give it a go and I don’t even know what to say! It was AMAZING. I’m not going to lie, i’m a sucker for feel good exercise like zumba etc etc but I was skeptical of body jam, as I always am with new exercises.

Anyways, it was basically some kind of hip hop dance (which i’ve always wanted to try) and it was so much fun. Until I decided to get a bit too much in to it and I hit my hand on the blue roll dispenser thing and absolutely kill my hand!!! I decided to run it under cold water and carry on as I was enjoying it so much. Then at then end I got seen by first aid and got it wrapped in a cold bandage!

On another note, I ordered some cuppanut tea by Gareth Gates today and that will be arriving tomorrow. It is basically a coconut based tea and I absolutely love coconut (the coconut vanilla latte from Costa is AMAZING…), so I will be giving a (non sponsored) review on this either tomorrow or Saturday, whenever I get a chance to write it but i can not wait to try it!

Thanks for reading 🙂


5 thoughts on “Body Jam!!

  1. I’m so glad you have fun!!

    As for the pregnant look after eating…I had that big time, and while I still have no idea what caused it, I was able to weed a few things out of my diet and make it stop by keeping a food and bloat journal! My two foods that were the worst: eggs and whole wheat!

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      1. It’s weird…I can eat foods with wheat and egg, but if I have scrambled eggs…bad news. And I can eat white bread, but if I eat whole wheat bread, cereal, crackers, not good. And I tested negative for a wheat allergy and celiac…good luck!


  2. I love reading when someone finds a workout that they love! I call it a “soulmate” workout. Have you tried coconut milk or ice cream? My IBS was stemming from lactose so I use a lot of coconut based products and love the taste!

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