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Shrewsbury trip

As promised, here is my post about our trip to Shrewsbury! Me and Jake decided to go to Shrewsbury when his sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew invited us as they were going for a distant relatives kid’s birthday party. Jake was born in Shrewsbury and lived there for the first 18 months of his life and some of his family are from here and still live here so there was so much we wanted to do and see!

Day 1

We set off at around mid day on Friday for the 2 and a half hour journey. On the way I had made a new playlist full of road trip tunes to get us ready and pumped for our trip away. About half way in to the journey, Jake sees a sign for a racetrack he’s heard of (he’s a car freak) so we decided to take a little detour to see if anything was happening. When we got there, there was nothing on other than track maintenance but we still managed to see the track which was enough for Jake. Back on the road and we decide to take another detour to see some castles that we had spotted. We didn’t manage to get the names of them but one of them was closed so we didn’t go in but one had been turned in to a spa, adventure place and a Land Rover experience! After finally arriving at about 3.30 pm, I discovered that TravelLodge’s aren’t as bad as I thought! I had never stayed in one until this weekend and I just imagined them being cheap and tacky but I was completely wrong! We decided to take a trip to Shrewsbury town to see a few of the sights here. However, after grabbing a coffee I started to feel unwell and it got really cold so we decided to head back to the TravelLodge. When Jake’s sister and family arrived at around 6.30 (they had to set off later due to work and school etc) we decided to just go for tea at the local pub, The Two Henry’s. I ordered a grilled halloumi burger and it was quite nice, not the best but not the worst. However, it turns out the next day that whatever Jake and his brother-in-law had wasn’t great as they both had major stomach pains. It could have been down to it being quite greasy as both of what they had were really greasy and spicy.

Day 2

As this was our only full day we decided to wake up early and make the most of it. We were all up and out of the TravelLodge by 8.30am and on the road to see some things from Jake’s and his sisters history. First we saw the house where his sister grew up with their grandmother (who has recently passed away so this was quite emotional for her). Then we saw 2 pubs, one which Jake’s dad owned and one that his mum and dad owned together. Then another pub which is now owned by their grandmothers brother (we were going to go there for tea but it was fully booked). After this we saw the flat in which Jake lived for the first 18 months of his life. After all this family history and sight seeing, we decided to go to town to have a coffee. After this we had a proper look around town. We stumbled upon a little Harry Potter shop which was amazing as me, Jake and his brother-in-law absolutely love Harry Potter (When I say love, I mean we are obsessed!!!). There was everything in here from a firebolt, to all of the wands. Jake bought me a wand as a present (Lord Voldemort’s) and his brother-in-law also bought one (Serious Black’s). Jake’s sister and family went to see some relatives they are close to while me and Jake went to Ashes Hollow, as when I visited Shrewsbury back in sixth form, I didn’t get to go here as I was too ill (surprise, surprise!). At this point, snow had started to fall quite heavy and it had started to stick. As we were getting further in to the Shropshire hills the snow was getting thicker and more beautiful and it was such a lovely drive to go on. As we were getting ready for tea, I had a phone call off Jake’s sister saying that they were on their way to the hospital as his niece had trapped her finger in the door and she was screaming her head off (she’s only 3 bless her). Turns out she had just bruised her finger so she was in and out within ten minutes so we then went to meet them at Jake’s dad’s old pub for tea. I didn’t end up eating much of my tea as I was in quite a lot of pain. We drove to collect Jake’s nephew from their relatives house (he had been left there whilst they took his niece to the hospital) and I was in so much pain that we couldn’t stay around to talk as I just needed to be in bed.

Day 3

We started our final day off with….a maccies breakfast! Not the healthiest of options, I know but there was nowhere else that was open at 9am on a Sunday. We all gathered to discuss what we were doing that day and decided to go our separate ways as the kids had a trampoline party to go to and we wanted to do some exploring. We set off in the direction on Snowdonia. It snowed on and off throughout our journey through Wales but I noticed that it was much less snowy in Snowdonia than in other parts of Wales! We stopped off at a cafe near a really nice waterfall in the middle of Snowdonia and the cafe was just beautiful. What made it even better is that the sign read ‘Boots, Beasts and Bikes welcome’. However, there were no dogs in at the time we were in which was upsetting. We carried on towards Caernarfon Castle. As we got closer, Jake decided to turn the sat nav off as he thought he could follow the signs but we just ended up getting lost for a good few minutes until we spotted the huge castle that you couldn’t miss. The same happened when we were on the look out for Conwy castle but we eventually found them and got some good pictures!We then drove to Llandudno and stopped off for a Costa before heading home. Then we began the 2 hour and 20 drive home where I started to get a lot of pain. Due to this pain we decided to go the shortest route home and not do any more sight seeing. We arrived home and Jake and my mum got a take away (I had some rice and chips off them) to end our lovely little trip away and amazing little road trip. Thank you for reading :)!!


6 thoughts on “Shrewsbury trip

  1. I was delighted by your trip to Shrewsbury, a place that seemed magical to me when I was a teenager and read Housman’s poem, “High the vanes of Shrewsbury gleam.” I passed near it many years ago, but there’d have been no Harry Potter shop — Ms. Rowling was only 6 at the time. I did tour Caernarfon Castle, and I was glad to see your photos of it. Thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.


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