Why I hate driving! 

If there is one thing I hate more than anything, it’s driving. I’ve had so many bad experiences driving in the 18 months I’ve been on the road it’s untrue.

My first bad experience happened one day when I was on my way home back from university. Not soon after if passed (maybe 2/3 months in to driving) I had just come off the motorway and I was about to reach the country road near my house when I saw a group of people on the grass that separates the two sides of the road. I thought nothing of it at first as I thought that maybe it was just a group of people waiting to cross. However, when I approached them, one of them jumped out at my car and I was inches away from hitting them (it is a 40mph road too so I would have probably killed/severely injured them if I’d hit them). I noticed that the other people in the group were nurses from a nearby mental hospital and the woman who had jumped in front of my car was a patient in a gown. All I can think is that she jumped because she was trying to end her own life, but why would she want to end her life and make it so that somebody else would have felt extremely guilty for the rest of their life???

I’ve had many small incidents since then such as idiots overtaking when it put us both in danger, such as on a corner or when there is another car coming the other way. The most recent incident however, and the reason that I am writing this post, happened just today (literally about half an hour ago). I was driving up to the entrance to a car park where I have right of way over the people leaving the car park. As I was driving up to the turning I notice a black BMW had stopped waiting to leave the car park. I pulled up to the entrance and stop as there is a car coming the other way so I could not turn. However, just as I was about to stop the black BMW decides that they are going to try and pull out in front of me even though I was right in front of them. I have to emergency break and so did they. However, they were literally cm’s away from smashing in to she side of my car and at the speed they attempted to floor it, they would probably have written my car off and possibly injured me as they would have drove straight into the side of the car that I was in. Luckily they stopped in time and didn’t hit me but they still had the audacity to look at me like I was in the wrong!?!?!

Sorry about my little rant but this is the reason that I hate driving so much! My confidence is constantly knocked and I’m just scared of it. 


4 thoughts on “Why I hate driving! 

  1. I hate driving too! My husband always did the driving. Now that I have to do the driving, I currently borrow a car and go out once a month if possible. Perks of my live in job. But I know in time I will be on the road once again…sigh….I’m glad that BMW stopped!! I almost got eaten by an RV while trying to get to a gas pump yesterday, then 2 other drivers that he also blocked sped off just barely missing me! I left and went to a less congested station.

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