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Plans for 2018!

Since being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I have wanted to plan things that I can look forward to and enjoy. The thing that I enjoy the most is going on little trips away with my boyfriend. Here’s a list of what is planned this year:

Shrewsbury. 19th January-21st JanuaryShrewsburytown

It may not seem like the most glamorous of places but I am looking forward to going nevertheless! This is the place that my boyfriend was born and where his sister grew up. I have visited before but this was years ago when I was in sixth form way before I had met my boyfriend!

It is going to be a busy weekend with visiting my boyfriends family, going shopping, looking around all of the old buildings, possibly going to watch a Shrewsbury Town football match (my boyfriends team) and visiting RAF Cosford. Even tough it will be a busy weekend it will mean that my mind wont be focused of my feelings and I can hopefully forget about it all for the weekend and have fun!

Rome. 6th June-10th JuneRome

I have booked a trip to Rome as a surprise for my boyfriends 21st birthday. His birthday is in March and I would have loved to have gone for his actual birthday but unfortunately he has got too much university work and I have decided to wait until this year is over to take him.

Whilst here I am planning on taking him to visit Pompeii (secretly this is something I have always wanted to see but i know he does too), the Colosseum, Vatican Museum and whatever else we can fit in to the four short days that we are there!

New York.NYC.jpg

We have not yet set a date for New York but this is happening!! My boyfriend was planning on taking me here for my 21st birthday (which is close to Christmas) but we could not go due to me being too ill. This is heartbreaking because it is my dream to go to New York, especially near Christmas.

Whilst in  New York we are going to see all of the typical tourist things such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times square and the rest! The plan is also to visit as many different coffee shops to see if there are any like you see in the TV shows.

I can guarantee that there will be many more spontaneous trips to come out of 2018 but for the time being, I have these three to look forward to! Thanks for reading 🙂


17 thoughts on “Plans for 2018!

  1. Some very exciting trips you have planned and to look forward to. Wishing you improving health as the year progresses so you get to do all these wonderful experiences and mini days out too in between 🙂 p.s. Just read your other post — I’m a peppermint tea fan too!

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