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Food and drink that agree with me (and those that don’t!)

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I have mentioned a few foods that don’t agree well with me. There are certain foods that I have noticed make me feel so horrible. They make me feel sick, put me in pain and make me generally uncomfortable.

Lets start with the ones that I will most likely avoid as they just make me feel rubbish:

  • Onions

I have noticed that i’m not alone when I say how horrible onions make me feel. One of my close friends is affected by onions and she is perfectly healthy! Whenever I eat onions I feel fine for about an hour after. Then I start getting gassy and feel really sick to the point where all I can do is lie down. I will then either start getting really bad stomach pains or start to eventually feel better but I have learned that onions are a food to avoid.onion

  • Garlic

Garlic is similar to onions. I feel pretty much the same after eating garlic but it’s not actually every time I eat it. A lot of the time I can have a slice of garlic bread and feel fine but if I eat home cooked food with garlic in it then I feel awful. The annoying thing is that whenever I go to my boyfriends sisters for tea, they seem to but a huge amount of garlic in everything which means I have to end up making something for myself which makes me feel so rude because they must just think I don’t enjoy eating there.garlic

  • Fast food

I know that take away food can make anyone feel rubbish, but it is one of the groups of food that makes me feel particularly bad. I can not eat any types of fast food without expecting to be out of action for the rest of the night. This is upsetting as everyone deserves a treat once in a while but whenever I have a treat it turns back round on me and makes me feel food

So they are a few foods I can’t eat without feeling terrible, but what food and drink can I have that sometimes make me feel a little better?

  • Peppermint tea

I’ve read in the past that peppermint tea is supposed to be really good for your stomach but I never realised HOW good it was! Whenever I start to feel unwell one of the first things that I turn to is peppermint tea. It seems to settle my stomach and calms down the pain a lot of the time. And to make things better I absolutely LOVE the taste of it as I love anything minty!peppermint tea

  • Apples

This is a strange one. I’m not sure if this is some sort of psychological thing or if apples actually make me feel better for a reason but whenever I start to feel unwell, I grab an apple, have a few bites and it usually starts to settle. This does, however, result in a lot of half eaten apples and everyone in my house getting annoyed as I will never eat a full apple but it does make me feel better!apple

So these are a few different types of food that make me feel awful and a few that make me feel loads better. Thanks for reading 🙂


11 thoughts on “Food and drink that agree with me (and those that don’t!)

  1. Have you heard of FODMAPs? A friend of mine’s daughter has had really nasty digestive system issues and after much investigation and a very similar diagnostic journey to yours, she is having success eliminating FODMAPs from her diet. I’m pretty sure onion and garlic are top of the list. I hope this may be the answer for you too. I’ve lived with similar issues myself and it really sucks.

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