My favourite recipe

One thing that I have found I struggle eating is spicy food. Due to having a sensitive stomach when I eat pretty much anything it’s no surprise that spices don’t sit well with me.

I do, however, like the occasional bit of spice. This means that I do occasionally treat myself to food that has a bit of a kick to it but I don’t go crazy with it as i know how I will feel if I do!

Another thing that I tend not to eat much of is meat. This isn’t because i’m a vegetarian or any ethical reason but i’m just not that keen on it. When I go out for food I don’t tend to choose food with meat in because I have some sort of anxiety when it comes to food and, for some reason, I don’t trust other people cooking meat.

Therefore, when I cook I usually make recipes without meat and when I fancy something a little bit spicy I need to get quite creative. Yesterday, for example, it got to about midday and i kept on wanting something with a little bit of spice. Then it came to me, veggie fajitas! IMG_20180106_190553.jpg

My veggie fajitas

What I used:

  • 2 packs of stir fry veg
  • 2 packets of fajita spices (medium heat)
  • Water
  • Wraps
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole

What I did:

  • I started off by frying off the veg until it was all evenly fried off.
  • I then added both of the fajita spice packs and a touch of water and made sure that all of the veg was evenly coated.
  • Then I prepared the wraps by adding the amount of salsa and guacamole that I wanted.
  • After this I added the amount of veg per wrap I wanted, folded and then enjoyed!IMG_20180106_192050_1.jpg

This is an example of one easy and delicious meat free meal that everyone in my household enjoys. It was relatively cheap anyway but you can make it even cheaper by using the veg you have in your house hold instead of buying the ready made pots!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this recipe.


12 thoughts on “My favourite recipe

  1. Spices don’t like me either. I don’t really care for meat like my family and friends do. Sometimes I will eat something, but end up paying for it. I have had this weird thing about hating to chew… and chew… and chew since my teens. Meats seem to be the worst. Often I regret even the little I eat. It’s nice to read having that in common with someone, even with differences. I’m so used to unintentionally offending people.
    I read your About page and am praying for you. It was a delight to visit your blog.

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  2. Onions are my enemy too! Especially those silent ones that my family loves to sneak in thinking that just because they don’t see me react while eating that I just whine about onions, but they don’t see the serious chest pains I have later for hours. Happy eating! God’s got some good stuff too. Makes me glad to come across your food posts.

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